Data Centers At The Edge

Data Centers at the Edge: Edge Computing

Edge computing is just that: Distributing computing and storage capabilities to the very edge of the network, be it the edge at an enterprise factory floor or a carrier point of presence, a cell tower or smart building.

This 6-page Uptime Institute Research report, prepared in partnership with 451 Research, looks at the key uses cases, business drivers and enabling technologies behind Edge Computing.

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Key areas and themes discussed in this report


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  • Edge and Near-Edge Data Center Functions (Low Latency/URLL, Fog Computing, Aggregation, Analytics)
  • Edge Computing Established and Emerging Use Cases (CDN, 'Off Cloud' storage, IoT, 5G & Mobile)
  • Business Drivers for Edge Computing (Reduction of Network Traffic, Lower Latency, Decreased Data Transfer Costs)
  • Enabling Technologies for Edge Computing (Distributed Resiliency, Modular & Micromodular Data Centers, Containers & Virtualization, Nanogrid/Microgrid Power, DMaaS, Microservers, Close-Coupled Cooling)