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As a Member of Uptime Institute, you will gain full access to Uptime Institute Intelligence in the form of Intelligence Reports, Discussion Forums, Member Roundtables, and access to Inside Track, our Membership Portal.

The key benefit to you and your organization will be access to hands on guidance and industry standard frameworks necessary for effective design, management and operations of data centers, and the broader IT digital infrastructure. In addition, you will be able to interact with the largest elite, trusted and experienced group of digital infrastructure professionals in the World.  

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Membership Briefings

All Members are entitled to Private Briefings for their organisation, which can focus on the lastest Research from the Intelligence Team, or advice and thought leadership from the Consultant Team

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Virtual Events

Members are invited to our ongoing Roundtable and Webinar events.   Our Roundtable series are invite-only events for Uptime Institute members.  The sessions are moderated by a research analyst or global consultant and focus in on relevant industry topics and current events. Our monthly webinar series consists of public events for the data center and critical infrastructure industry at large, typically led by an Uptime Institute consultant, analyst or executive and sometimes a guest presenter.

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Online Community

Get exclusive access to Uptime Institute's global peer community for Data Center and IT Professionals via our online community, Inside Track. Submit questions to other members, access Uptime Institute Research reports, and access a wealth of polling and benchmarking data to understand how your organization compares to your peers and industry leaders around the world.

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Analyst Access

Members get access to analysts from the Uptime Institute Intelligence team.  Access to these analysts with decades of experience in data center design and operations best practices means members get instant answers to tough questions about designing, managing and operating their critical sites. Whether you are revisiting your strategic plan for the next decade or preparing a presentation to your stakeholders next week, our analyst team is standing by to assist you in any way possible. 

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Exclusive Research

Members get access to exclusive research reports from the Uptime Institute Intelligence team.  The data center landscape is changing rapidly, and our team of leading industry analysts is charged with staying up to date on the latest technologies, trends and threats facing the data center industry.  Monthly in-depth research reports are published in our online community and accessible to all members.

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