Tier Certification

Uptime Institute has issued over 3400 awards for data center design, data center construction, and the management and operations of data center facilities - serving as our clients’ trusted partner in ensuring that they are able to meet their organization’s business computing needs.

The TIER-Ready design review program enables customers who are pushing computing to the edge with modular data centers to enjoy the same level of reliability and resiliency that they have in their larger data centers.

"Prefabricated and Modular data centers have been on a growth trajectory for the past several years as organizations strive to bring business services closer to their constituents. The TIER-Ready program simplifies and speeds up the certification process, while reducing costs for both the manufacturer and the end-user."

Christopher Brown, Chief Technical Officer
Uptime Institute

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TIER-Ready Program Partners
TIER-Ready solutions are now available from a variety of manufacturers, with many others coming soon.

“The world's most successful prefabricated and modular suppliers use Uptime’s TIER-Ready program to guarantee mission critical success at the Edge”

Choosing TIER-Ready Hardware For Your Next Modular Deployment
The Uptime Institute Tier Standard is the industry de facto standard for data center reliability and resiliency. And assures customers that TIER Certified data centers will perform in a definable and predictable fashion under a wide-range of operating conditions, including complete utility power failure. The TIER-Ready program enables the same strategic results at the Prefabricated and Modular level.
Reduce Risk
Lowers project risk by pre-validating designs for TIER compliance at the manufacturer level.
Save Time
Reduces end-user's Tier Certification time by 65% due to the design being pre-validated by the manufacturer.
Lower Cost
Decreases end-user's Tier Certification costs considerably due to decrease in scope of certfication engagement.
Hear From Our Partners

"The TIER-Ready award makes sense for Compass Datacenters as it helps to assure the resiliency and mission critical suitability for each 1.2MW block that we provide to our customers, with important third-party validation through Uptime Institute"

Chris Crosby, Founder & CEO
Compass Datacenters

"Modular data center solutions for remote and distributed infrastructure are an essential component of delivering modern applications. Uptime Institute's TIER-Ready program provides customers with a streamlined process to benchmark and validate the resiliency of their architecture and allows an industry standard certification for modular deployments."

Kevin Brown, CTO & SVP of Innovation
Schneider Electric

"We have been partnering with Uptime Institute for many years to enable our customers to have Tier-Certified data centers that simply do not fail, under a wide range of operating conditions. The TIER-Ready program allows our customers to more efficiently certify data centers using our pre-fabricated and modular products."

Bob He, GM, Datacenter Facility Business

"Uptime Institute’s Tier Certification plays an integral part in DXN’s design methodology. Our TIER-Ready III and TIER-Ready IV awards provides our customers with the highest quality independent assessment of our reliability."

Justin Kellerman, Programme Manager
Partner Inquiries

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