Uptime Institute Tools

For over 25 years, Uptime Institute has established industry-leading benchmarks for data center performance, resilience, sustainability, and efficiency, which provide customers assurance that their digital infrastructure can perform across a wide array of operating conditions at a level consistent with their business needs.   

We've published a selection of self-service tools below to help digital infrastructure professionals better assess and measure their own infrastructure against industry benchmarks, and explore opportunities to improve performance, resilience, sustainability and efficiency in their critical facilities.


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Uptime Institute Tools

Outage Severity Rating

The Outage Severity Rating (OSR) was developed by Uptime Institute to help the digital infrastructure industry better distinguish between a service outage that threatens the business and an interruption that has little or no impact.

Cloud Carbon Explorer

Our interactive Cloud Carbon Explorer tool allows users to identify potential cross-region workload migration paths for AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, and see the impact of these changes on carbon emissions, cost and latency.

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