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Uptime Institute, with support from Google, Meta, and Microsoft, has launched the Data Center Career Pathfinder, a free online tool that uniquely lists hundreds of career possibilities in the fast-growing global digital infrastructure industry.

Based on typical real-world job roles, the Data Center Career Pathfinder resource was designed to inform and raise awareness about career opportunities in the unseen world of data centers and invite people from all backgrounds to consider entering the industry.

The Career Pathfinder is not a job site, but an exploratory resource that lists more than 230 different types of job roles that span the design, build and operation of data centers, ranging from sustainability strategy to construction. 

In Career Pathfinder, you'll discover hundreds of job possibilities, whether you’re at the very beginning of your career, returning to work after an absence, or considering a change.

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Addressing Staffing Shortages in the Data Center Sector

In the first-ever forecast of data center workforce needs, Uptime Institute estimates staff requirements will grow globally from about 2.0 million full-time employee equivalents in 2019 to nearly 2.3 million in 2025, based on the 230 specialist job roles in the Data Center Career Pathfinder.  These are critical roles required to design, build, and operate the data centers that power the world's digital infrastructure.

Data Center Staffing Needs, 2019-2025

Data Center Staffing Needs, 2019-2025

Source: Uptime Institute Global data center staffing forecast 2021-2025 [Download Report]

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The Data Center Career Pathfinder is free to use and includes key competencies, education <br/>requirements and job titles for over 200 roles in the data center industry.

Start Your Career Research with Pathfinder

Start Your Career Research with Pathfinder

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