Accredited Operations Professional


With Uptime Institute's Accredited Operations Professional program, you are progressing your Management skills to the level of complex IT environments and highly effective management strategies and initiatives. This course is designed for graduates of Accredited Operations Specialist and Accredited Tier Specialist programs.

Following on from completion of Accredited Operations Specialist or Accredited Tier Specialist, the Accredited Operations Professional program provides instructions on improving efficiency and effectiveness of resilient IT and critical facility sites, as well as how to translate IT and facility strategies into successful initiatives and programs.

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Accredited Operations Professional Program Overview

Program Target Audience

  • Data Center Facility Managers
  • Professional Operations Supervisors
  • Senior Executives
  • Consultants

Program Objectives

  • Improvement in efficiency and effectiveness of resilient IT and critical facility sites
  • Taking IT and Facility strategies and objectives and translating these into initiatives and programs
  • Creation of world-leading management strategies, and action plans to implementation
  • Create enhanced governance for increasingly complex IT environments

Program Prerequisites

  • Graduation from Accredited Operations Specialist or Accredited Tier Specialist
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Over ten thousand graduates from over 100 countries around the world have looked to Uptime Institute to help them grow their business and advance their careers.
For data center facility managers & senior executives, the Accredited Operations Professional designation helps them furthur advance their career by learning how to effectivly apply IT and facility strategies across an entire data center portfolio to improve operational efficiency, reduce risk and better align critical facility operations with dynamically changing business objectives.
For vendors and consulting firms, Accredited Operations Professional designations help companies differentiate themselves from the competition, standing out as a data center operations expert who can help clients deploy advanced management structures and strategies in complex IT environments increase efficiency, reduce downtime and better align operational practices with business objectives.

Who Can Benefit From This Course?

Accredited Operations Specialist or Accredited Tier Specialist alumni that are wanting to continue their learning will greatly benefit from this course. You can view detailed eligibility recommendations here.  The Accredited Operations Professional program is ideal for those wanting to progress their management skills in mixed IT and facility environments, especially when they are looking to meet complex business availability objectives.

What Should I Expect From This Course?

The Accredited Operations Professional program is comprised of five half-day sessions with exam. You can view the detailed course curriculum here. This program provides advanced site and portfolio-level governance and management concepts and culminates in an exam for receiving your accreditation. After completing this course, you will have enhanced data center management skills.

Why Choose Uptime Institute?

Uptime Institute has educated more than 10,000 professionals in over 100 countries. As the leader in data center education, Uptime Institute issues accreditations that verify a thorough understanding of the Tier Standard: Operational Sustainability and allow you to make great improvements for your team. Prevent downtime and keep your systems running at maximum efficiency with the knowledge you will acquire from the Accredited Operations Professional program.

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