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With the Uptime Institute Accredited Tier Designer program, you will gain an in-depth overview of the practical application of Tiers, including common issues and misconceptions. Gain the confidence and accreditation you need to further your knowledge of Tier design with our thorough and enlightening seven-session course. 

The Accredited Tier Designer program provides instruction to engineers, design professionals, design-build teams, project managers and project owners on the practical application of Tiers, including common issues and misconceptions.

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Accredited Tier Designer Program Overview

Program Target Audience

  • Engineers-of-Record
  • Design-Build Team Senior Project Managers
  • Project Owners’ Senior Engineering Representative
  • Licensed Professional Engineers with a Design Management Role

Program Objectives

  • Enhance students understanding of the practical requirements of Tier-based design
  • Facilitate consistent application of Tier topology concepts
  • Cover Tier common issues and clarify misconceptions

Program Prerequisites

  • This program is open to licensed professional engineers.
  • Contact [email protected] if you have questions about this prerequisite.

Accredited Tier Designer Advancement Track

Accredited Tier Designers (ATDs) can advance their designation through two distinct levels of demonstrated mastery: Accredited Tier Designer and Accredited Tier Professional.

Completion of the initial ATD course and passing the ATD exam results in the student receiving the formal ATD designation. This designation forms the minimum basis for all Tier designers. Once the ATD designation is earned, graduates can choose to complete additional courseware to advance their career expertise even higher, advancing to the Accredited Tier Professional designation.

Accredited to Professional

Accredited Tier Designer

Completion Requirements
5-Day Intensive Accredited Tier Designer Course
Complete and Pass Examination

Accredited Tier Professional

Completion Requirements
5-Day Intensive Accredited Tier Professional course
Complete and Pass Examination

Accredited Tier Designer Advancement Track Details

Level 1 - Accredited Tier Designer


Completion Requirements

5-Day Intensive Accredited Tier Designer Course
This course will provide instruction to design professionals, in the context of real-life designs, on practical application of the Tiers, including common issues and misconceptions.

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In the five days of our Accredited Tier Designer program, you will cover topics from a Tier systems overview to thorough analysis. Our class has seven sections:

Session 1—Tier Classification System Overview

In the first section, you will learn Tier definitions and concepts before learning about Principal Data Center Facility Infrastructure Systems.

Session 2—Mechanical Infrastructure Design

The second section introduces topics including continuous cooling, critical mechanical subsystems and redundant topology. 

Session 3—Electrical Infrastructure Design

In the third section, you will learn about complicated critical engine subsystems, engine generation/power station requirements, multiple distribution path requirements and how electrical systems interact with mechanical systems.

Session 4—Ancillary System Tier Requirements

During the fourth section, you will focus on ancillary subsystem impacts on Tier classification and critical ancillary systems. 

Session 5—Common Disqualifying Design Omissions

This section consists of a faculty-led review of common noncompliant design elements from certification submittals.

Session 6—Design Example Analysis Lab

In this section, you and your group will assess compliant and noncompliant examples alongside a mentor.

Session 7—Program Administration and Examination

On the last day of the program, you will receive an overview of operational sustainability and prepare for the same-day proctored exam.

Complete and Pass Examination

Level 2 - Accredited Tier Professional

Accredited Tier Professional (ATP) FOIL

Completion Requirements

5-Day Intensive Accredited Tier Professional Course

This course will provide next level instruction to Accredited Tier Designers on advanced Mechanical and Electrical applications of Tiers, including Tier IV and Multi-Tiered projects.

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Complete and Pass Examination

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Over ten thousand graduates from over 100 countries around the world have looked to Uptime Institute to help them grow their business and advance their careers.
For vendors and consulting firms, Accredited Tier Designer designations help companies differentiate themselves from the competition, standing out as Tier expert and showcasing their commitment to training and professional development.
For designers, project managers and data center owners, the Accredited Tier Designer designation helps them advance their career by showing a dedication to professionalism and a commitment to staying up to date on the latest practices in design, construction and management of critical infrastructure.

Who Can Benefit From This Course?

Engineers, project managers, engineering managers and design managers all have a great deal to learn from this course. The Accredited Tier Designer program is ideal for beginners to Tier design systems as well as those who want to further their knowledge and become accredited in the design field. The course is also perfect for those in management and oversight positions who want to understand more about Tier design and its unique needs and considerations.

What Should I Expect From This Course?

This data center design specialist training course provides an exhaustive overview of Tier design. Throughout this course, you will learn about introductory and complicated systems before reviewing certification submittals alongside mentors and groups. You will learn what makes a design system compliant or noncompliant and be able to judge the compliance of a system on your own accord. At the conclusion of the course, there will be a proctored exam before you receive your accreditation. 

Why Choose Uptime Institute?

An accreditation from Uptime Institute will show your employers that you have received an extensive and focused education in Tier design from a knowledgeable and unbiased institution. Uptime Institute is known for maintaining a commitment to collaboration, innovation and independence. Our data center design certifications are respected around the globe, we are the leading global educator on Tier design.

Our certified team of innovative teachers and leaders has the proven experience to guide your education and answer your questions about Tier design. Get ahead with an accreditation from the company that wrote the Tier Standards accepted around the world.

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