Accredited Tier Designer Curriculum

The course will be delivered over the course of 5 half-days, culminating in a proctored examination. Please see Schedule for further dates and locations information.

The Sessions and Topics are as follows:

Session 1—Tier Classification System Overview

  • Tier Concepts and Definitions
  • Principal Data Center Facility Infrastructure Systems

Session 2—Mechanical Infrastructure Design

  • Critical Mechanical Subsystems
  • Redundant Topology
  • Continuous Cooling

Session 3—Electrical Infrastructure Design

  • Critical Electrical Subsystems
  • Multiple Distribution Path Requirements
  • Engine-Generator (Power Station) Requirements
  • Electrical System Interaction with Mechanical Systems

Session 4—Ancillary System Tier Requirements

  • Critical Ancillary Subsystems
  • Ancillary Subsystem Impacts on Tier Classification

Session 5—Common Disqualifying Design Omissions

  • Faculty-led Review of Common Non-compliant Design Elements from Certification Submittals

Session 6—Design Example Analysis Lab

  • Mentored Candidate Group Assessment of Compliant and Non-complaint Tier Design Examples

Session 7—Program Administration and Examination

  • Overview of Operational Sustainability, and preparation for the exam
  • Examination