Accredited Tier Professional Curriculum

This course will be delivered over 5 half-days, culminating in a proctored examination. Please see Schedule for further dates and locations information.

The Sessions and Topics are as follows:

Session 1—Cooling Design Conditions

  • Design conditions
  • Reference temperatures
  • Battery ventilation and cooling

Session 2—Cooling Load and Capacities

  • Load considerations
  • Terminal unit sizing
  • Partitioned spaces
  • Varying size configuration and redundancy
  • Tank sizing and redundancy

Session 3—Electrical Loads and Capacities

  • Distribution losses
  • Transformer losses
  • UPS losses
  • UPS battery recharge
  • Tolerances
  • Sizing
  • Capacity component rotation considerations

Session 4—Uninterruptable Power

  • Small-format modular static UPS
  • Static UPS load bus synchronization systems
  • Rotary flywheels

Session 5—Specialized Cooling Technologies and Configurations

  • Free cooling and economizers
  • Hybrid cooling
  • District cooling
  • Special cooling solution considerations
  • Ducting

Session 6—On-site Power Generation and Storage

  • Engine generators
  • Gas turbines
  • Station batteries
  • Renewable energy
  • Fuel cells

Session 7—Ancillary and Control Systems

  • Controls and ancillary panels
  • Motorized valves, leak detection, and drainage
  • Engine-generator control systems
  • Electrical control systems
  • Proper means of isolation
  • Other electrical considerations
    • Transfer switches
    • Switchgear construction

Session 8—Tier IV Considerations

  • Continuous Cooling
  • Compartmentalization
  • Leak detection
  • Cross-fed infrastructure

Session 9—Phasing and Multi-Tiers

  • Phasing
  • Multi-Tier
  • Tier Certification of Constructed Facility

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