Accredited Tier Specialist Curriculum

The course will be delivered over the course of 5 half-days, culminating in a proctored examination. Please see Schedule for further dates and locations information.

The Sessions and Topics are as follows:

Session 1—Tier Classification System

  • Tier concepts and definitions
  • Principal Data Center Facility Infrastructure systems

Session 2—Cooling Systems

  • Critical mechanical subsystems
  • Redundant topology
  • Continuous Cooling

Session 3—Electrical Systems

  • Critical electrical subsystems
  • Multiple distribution path requirements
  • Engine-generator (power station) requirements
  • Electrical system interaction with mechanical systems

Session 4—Ancillary Systems

  • Critical ancillary subsystems
  • Ancillary subsystem impacts on Tier Classification
  • Compartmentalization

Session 5—Common Discrepancies

  • Faculty-led review of common noncompliant design elements from Certification submittals
  • Myths and misconceptions

Session 6—Tier Certification

  • Benefits
  • Process

Session 7—Operational Sustainability

  • Defining Operational Sustainability elements
  • Strategic concepts

Session 8—Staffing and Organization

  • Staffing development process
  • Staff qualifications
  • Organizational structure impacts

Session 9—Maintenance

  • Building a preventive maintenance program
  • Maintenance management system requirements for tracking activities
  • Vendor support
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Life-cycle planning
  • Housekeeping

Session 10—Training, Planning, and Operations

  • Developing a training program
  • Vendor training
  • Site policies
  • Capacity and load management

Session 11—Building Characteristics and Commissioning

  • Building characteristics impacts on operations
  • Commissioning activities that define operations success

Session 12—Site Location Risk

  • Defining risks to operational activities posed by natural and man-made factors