Webinar: Avoid wasting time and money procuring and implementing DCIM

For close to a decade, the data center industry has struggled to successfully adopt DCIM software.

DCIM promised to drive out data center inefficiencies, to help operators build a credible model for capacity planning, and to tie together the IT and facilities management teams. Yet, those that implemented DCIM soon realized that the path to reaping those benefits could not be realized by simply purchasing a software product. As the messy work of implementation began, many IT organizations found that these tools would be more difficult to implement and more expensive than expected.

The DCIM market is sprawling and varied, with a range of suppliers from longstanding equipment vendors to startup companies. The reported functionality and integration of those various tools is often subject to interpretation and does not always stand up to scrutiny. DCIM procurement and implementation processes often take too long, the software costs too much and, often, the tools under-deliver. To meet business and operational requirements, many organizations have been forced to purchase multiple commercial DCIM tools. While multiple tools can prove to be a successful strategy for customers applying an incremental planned approach, for others it can result in major embarrassment when a large investment does not meet expectations.

This webinar discusses the current state of DCIM adoption, strategies for maximizing a return on a DCIM investment, and provides a high-level methodology for evaluating DCIM tools for your organization.

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