Webinar: Why Tier Certification Is Even More Meaningful in a Hybrid IT World

Data Centers are continuing to evolve and will remain at the core of digital infrastructure.  Today’s global information economy depends on data centers like never before but, more than ever, enterprises are shifting compute workloads out of enterprise-owned facilities to colocated facilities as well as cloud providers.

For more than 20 years, Uptime Institute has served as an independent advisory body to all stakeholders in the industry responsible for the performance and availability of IT systems. We’ve helped the world’s leading data center organizations design, build, maintain, and optimize their facilities, compute systems, and operations, while balancing costs, resources, performance, and efficiency in an ever changing technology landscape.

This webinar captures Uptime Institute's experience in assisting hundreds of enterprises and service providers ensure their data centers are ready to meet their business needs and we'll apply those learnings to the factors enterprises should consider when adopting a hybrid cloud strategy for critical business assets.

Topics included in this webinar:

  • Survey results from Uptime Institute's 2016 Data Center Survey regarding enterprise trends around on-premise and off-premise workload shifts.

  • Top drivers for off-premise computing including M&A activity, disaster recovery, op-ex vs. cap-ex requirements and staff/resource constraints.

  • Importance of facility standards and operational consistency in your cloud provider's data center to protect your business assets when disaster strikes.

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