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Pulse Data Centre

Six Years of Success: Pulse Data Centre’s Journey With Tier III Certification

Pulse Data Centre was the first major non-metropolitan area data centre in Australia. The Pulse DC facility was designed, constructed, and fully equipped by its corporate owner, the FKG Group, a renowned contractor for delivering diverse building and engineering projects in Queensland, New South Wales, and the Northern Territory for over 50 years. It was important for Pulse DC’s design to be recognised as a world class standard and provide clients with best practice operations. The Pulse DC team reviewed the criteria needed to achieve Tier III Certification and went through a stringent review to become one of only a handful of Uptime Certified Facilities in Queensland. Six years have passed since Pulse Data Centre proudly achieved Tier III Certification from Uptime Institute, and reflecting on this milestone, it’s evident that this caliber certification has not only validated Pulse DC’s commitment to excellence but has also propelled the organisation towards success in delivering unparalleled uptime and meeting customer requirements.

Tier III Certification empowered Pulse DC to offer unmatched reliability and sustainability to its clients. By embracing a tri-redundant design and leveraging favorable climatic conditions, Pulse DC achieved exceptional resiliency and energy efficiency without compromising on operational integrity. This approach not only fulfilled Tier III requirements but also positioned Pulse DC as a leader in sustainable data centre practices.

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The Process to Secure Tier III Certification

To obtain the world-renowned Tier III Certification, the Pulse team worked with Uptime consultants through a stringent design review process to finalise the development of the project including all aspects of design documentation and equipment manufacturer specifications. This process not only affirmed Pulse DC’s capabilities but also equipped its operations team with invaluable insights into maintaining optimal facility performance.

The strategic location of Toowoomba, with its favorable climatic conditions and robust connectivity infrastructure, further bolstered Pulse DC’s appeal to both national and international clients – providing opportunities to secure international businesses, multinational corporations, government and Defence contracts. Pulse DC’s ability to consistently surpass Service Level Agreements (SLAs) over the past five years underscores the tangible benefits of Tier III Certification in instilling confidence and trust among its clientele.

The Tier III Certification of Constructed Facility offered an excellent opportunity for the Pulse DC operations team to showcase their comprehensive understanding of the systems and facility, while also ensuring best practices in facility operation. The practical and hands-on approach taken by the Uptime Consultants mirrored real-life scenarios encountered in the safe operation of a highly resilient facility. Pulse DC was pleased to confirm that the consultation process provided a great outcome during the design and construction phases to ensure the selected equipment met its intended purpose.

Pulse Data Centre General Manager, John Henderson, expressed his satisfaction with the process, stating, “We found the whole process to be very practical and we were pleased to see the build certification extended into the practicality of how the facility would meet its operational objectives in design and build. The expert consultants have the enviable job of conducting in-depth reviews of high-tech data centres from around the world and their deep understanding of our systems reflected this. The Uptime team worked with us in collaboration and felt like they were part of our team rather than checking our systems.”

“The Uptime Institute Tier Certification process was collaborative and practical. It allowed our team to demonstrate their many years of data centre experience and an intimate knowledge of the facility and its operation.

Independent Tier Certification is valuable to our clients as an integral part of their due diligence, allowing clients to make quicker decisions and confidently select Pulse DC as their provider.”

John Henderson - Pulse Data CentreJohn Henderson
General Manager
PULSE Data Centre

What’s Next for Pulse?

Phase one of Pulse DC encompasses an area of 4,300 square meters and provides a colocation capacity of 2.5 MW. This marks the initial phase of a larger plan consisting of three stages, ultimately expanding the facility’s capacity to 7.5 MW. Internal expansions within the first facility are on the horizon, with plans to increase Pulse DC’s current capacity by an additional 180 racks in the near term. Pulse DC serves as the central component of the FKG Group’s innovative industrial precinct, AATLIS, covering more than 350 hectares with access to both the grid and future cost-effective on-site generated green power. The abundant available land is a large benefit, facilitating the construction of additional large-scale purpose-built facilities on-site in the future. This approach leverages the existing security and connectivity infrastructure at this location.

Six years since achieving Tier III Certification, Pulse Data Centre stands as a testament to the transformative power of industry-leading standards. From enhancing reliability and sustainability to fueling growth and expansion, Tier III Certification has been instrumental in shaping Pulse DC’s journey towards excellence. As Pulse DC continues to evolve and innovate, its unwavering commitment to delivering world-class services remains at the forefront of its mission, driving success for years to come.

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More About Pulse Data Centre

In 2018, its first year of operations, Pulse DC secured a spot on the Queensland Government DCaaS (Data Centre as a Service) and in 2022, Pulse was granted membership in the Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) after assessment and validation of its high-level security and IT system maturity.

The Pulse DC team are an experienced group of professionals who focus on exceeding industry expectations in data centre security, resilience, and reliability and this is demonstrated through their current record of 100 per cent uptime in line with its SLAs. Leading this team is General Manager, John Henderson, who hand picks their growing list of carriers to assist their clients. John has over 25 years’ experience in IT and has managed the Pulse Data Centre since 2018.

Optimising environmental sustainability is a top priority for Pulse DC for the betterment of the planet, its customers, and future generations. This commitment is a driving factor in obtaining ISO certified systems. Pulse DC is accredited with the Quality Management standard ISO9001, Information Security standard ISO27001, Environmental Management standard ISO14001, and Energy Management standard 50001. John and the team are exceptionally proud of these significant achievements and acknowledge having Tier III Certification has assisted Pulse in obtaining accreditations and recognition around the world of its unwavering level of security and technical operations.

On a global scale, Pulse DC is following the trend towards utilising regional locations enabling the highest standards of capability in a substantially, cost effective and scalable manner. Toowoomba is uniquely located close to Brisbane and has great climatic conditions, low environmental risks, and diverse connectivity. This made the region of Toowoomba a logical choice.

The primary target market for the data centre is both national and international corporations and government agencies, and as a provider of Tier III Certified space in Queensland, Pulse DC provides the same high-level suite of services to businesses of all sizes. There is a strong local demand reflecting the community support for the initiative which is an additional and great social benefit.

Partnering with Uptime allowed Pulse DC to achieve the required redundancy and resiliency levels for clients without exposing the facility to operational risks. Leveraging favorable climatic conditions, the design achieved a remarkably low PUE without relying on water-intensive evaporative cooling systems. The Greenfield site’s ample space enabled the creation of a single-level facility, enhancing accessibility and workflow efficiency for clients.

Pulse Data Centre Tier Certifications

Pulse Data Centre – Queensland, Australia

  • Tier III Certification of Design Documents
  • Tier III Certification of Constructed Facility
Pulse Data Centre Tier III Certifications