Client Story: T5 Data Centers

T5 Data Centers
Jon Lichtenfels - T5 Data Centers
"Uptime Institute’s M&O Stamp of Approval gave us the tools necessary to fully measure, track and implement operational improvements, as well as raise our industry recognition and fuel our growth."

Jon Lichtenfels
Executive Vice President
T5 Data Centers

T5 Data Centers


T5 Data Centers (“T5”) provides full life-cycle data center services, from design consulting and development through facilities management and remote hands services via a team of over 400 highly qualified data center technicians across a combination of T5 and customer-owned hyperscale, enterprise, and colocation data centers.

T5 Data Centers is a leading international data center owner and operator committed to delivering customizable, scalable data centers that provide a “forever on” computing environment to power mission critical business applications. T5 has been awarded Uptime Institute’s M&O Stamp of Approval across the organizations’ entire data center portfolio. The mission of T5 is to become the best data center developers and operators in the industry, which was set in motion by bringing together a stellar team with best-in-class policies, procedures and training programs. T5 began its relationship with Uptime Institute with our experience developing a Tier III design / build Uptime Institute Certified data center and obtaining Operational Sustainability Gold.

T5 is on track to continue its record of strong growth in 2020. Much of the growth pertains to T5’s Facilities Management and Construction Services divisions as the company has become an industry leader in both building and operating secure and customizable computing environments.

The Challenge

T5 was experiencing exponential growth in multiple markets and needed to ensure that their operational quality and excellence scaled to meet the challenges they were facing. They wanted to understand how they could continue to get better and benchmark themselves against others in the industry while obtaining trusted third-party verification.


T5 decided to take their commitment to excellence one step further by bringing Uptime Institute into the mix and achieving the M&O Stamp of Approval across the entire portfolio. The M&O Stamp of Approval has become part of the learning and growth process achieved by the T5 team as the company quickly rose to a strong industry leadership position.

With the strategic strength and management of the T5 executive team as well as the M&O Stamp of Approval awarded across the company portfolio, T5 has realized a number of key benefits including:

  • Rapid growth to over 400 employees
  • Recognized framework to expand into international markets while maintaining consistency
  • Enhanced focus on services, as staffing becomes more of a challenge at all levels of the data center
  • A new infusion of capital this year from partner QuadReal Property Group to build or purchase up to $2.5 billion in data center real estate
  • Improved competitive positioning by differentiating the company’s strengths, showcasing the T5 commitment to continuous improvement across its facilities
  • Improved consistency and transparency of operations across all facilities resulting in further operational efficiencies
T5 Data Centers - Interior
“One of the things that we learned with our commitment to the M&O Stamp of Approval assessments and awards is that there’s always room for improvement. We are proud of our teams and have a strong belief in our excellent track record and remain believers in continuous process improvement. Even though we achieved very high scores with the M&O Stamp of Approval process, there are always opportunities for us to get better.”
Ray Caponi - T5 Data CentersRay Caponi
Senior Vice President, East Region Operations
T5 Data Centers