Membership Open House

Join us for our next Uptime Institute Membership Open House!

The Uptime Institute Network Membership was founded over thirty years ago to provide a forum for data center managers to compare their organization against their peers and share recognition and lessons learned in a vendor-free environment under mutual NDA.

The program has evolved over the decades, and now includes cross-disciplinary participation from sustainability, IT planning, risk management, and cybersecurity with the dedicated support of a fast-growing Uptime Intelligence team.

We host recurring Membership Open House events for new Members and guests to learn more about Membership.  Learn more about our Open House format, or click to register for our next upcoming session. 

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The Open House Agenda

Membership Open Houses last 45 minutes. They are designed to be interactive sessions, hosted on Microsoft Teams.

On the call, we'll introduce you to the five key pillars of Uptime Membership outlined below, as well as highlight some of our latest research and Member events around the world. 

Member Benefits

We'll cover an overview of Member benefits - what you and your team have access to as Uptime Members and who on your extended team may be able to take advantage of Member benefits.

Intelligence Team

We'll introduce you to the analysts on the Uptime Intelligence team and showcase their recent research available to all Members.

Analyst Briefings

The Uptime Institute Membership team works for you. We'll cover how Members can request a briefing with our analysts or technical consultants to help them tackle their toughest challenges in digital infrastructure.

Peer Engagement

We'll cover best practices on how to ask good questions on Inside Track, our Member platform, to tap into the global digital infrastructure community. With thousands of Members globally, you can quickly capture responses from your peers around the globe.

In-Person Events

We host in-person Member Conferences throughout the year, around the world.  We'll provide an overview of what you can expect from attending a Membership Conference, and provide recommendations on how to justify your travel costs to your leadership team to attend our next amazing event!

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