2021 Data Center Industry Survey Results

The data center industry's largest and most influential survey results are in.

The findings showcase an industry enjoying widespread growth while adapting to increasing complexity and challenges such as evolving efficiency and sustainability requirements, rising outage costs, the ongoing workforce shortage, supply chain interruptions and more.

Key Highlights Include:

  • Organizations are not closely tracking their environmental footprint despite the global sustainability push.
  • Job security is strong because the data center skills shortage persists, but AI may reduce staffing needs in the future.
  • The number of outages has declined, but the consequences continue to worsen.
  • Pandemic pressures and more disrupt data center supply chains.
  • Data center suppliers expect large cloud and internet companies to reshape the supply chain.
  • Rack density levels are creeping up.
Report: Uptime Institute's 2021 Data Center Industry Survey

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