Air-Assisted Direct Liquid Cooling: An Overlooked Option

Semiconductor advances and the growing demands of AI applications are increasing the demand for high-powered racks and renewing interest in the benefits of direct liquid cooling (DLC) in data centers.

However, there are drawbacks associated with deploying liquid cooling in mainstream data center facilities. One major concern is the common requirement to connect DLC systems to a facility water supply. This can make installation and maintenance more costly and complex, making DLC a non-starter to many operators that already have an effective air cooling system.

A growing number of DLC designs have evolved to offer the option of using air, rather than facility water, to remove heat. These air-assisted DLC systems offer a trade-off between performance and ease of deployment / operation that many operators may find attractive.

This 5-page report discusses why, for many operators, air-assisted DLC may be the right first step in meeting the demands of the next generation of computing needs. 

Report Authors:

  • Jabari Williams-George, Senior Research Analyst
  • Daniel Bizo, Research Director

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