Executive Handbook: Risk Management for IT Infrastructure

Executive Handbook: Risk Management for IT InfrastructureUptime Institute has created the "Risk Management for IT Infrastructure" Executive Handbook to help world-class IT organizations better understand and address the risks associated with IT infrastructure decision making in today's high stakes technology landscape.  

This publication is comprised of a collection of articles and tools to help Risk and IT executives identify IT risks, assess organizational exposures, and deploy processes and procedures to minimize IT risk factors, reduce failure rates and mitigate damages within IT organizations and across the broader enterprise.


Articles and tools included in this complimentary handbook include:


  • 2016 Data Center Industry Survey Results
  • Data Center Walkthrough Checklist
  • Why Effective Governance Needs Industry Certifications
  • Avoiding Data Center Capital Project Failures
  • Balancing Life Safety, Infrastructure Investment and Downtime
  • Complex Systems Failure Theory
  • Apply Efficient IT Principles to Address Sustainability Risks
  • IT Resilience During a Natural Disaster
  • A Holisitic Approach to Vendor Selection for Cloud and Colocation

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